Wednesday, 29 October 2014

A Blogger is ........FOUND!

Once in a while a break from your daily routine is the best possible way to get those creative ideas flowing again. and this is exactly what I did to get into a new and different mind-set environment, to regain my passion for blogging, to be inspired again and most of all to find myself again.

finding myself, in a way of understanding "why I started the blog?" "why am I blogging?" "is my blogging making an impact?" "how can I improve myself and the blog?"....a whole lot more self-assurance questions.

"most people are so busy
knocking themselves out trying
to do everything they think
 they should do, they never get
around to do what they want to
do."_ Kathleen Winsor

at some point (back then) I felt trapped in my blog just to keep up with the numbers and succumbing to the pressures of being a blogger. from then I asked myself, "since when do I succumb to pressure?' "what happened to doing you and what you want?" I just couldn't  disrespect myself and readers by putting up  fluff content and posts , just for the sake of putting up a post. (then I took a long break to do something else)


 I'm glad I actually took the time out, I've learnt to put up only the work I would be proud of, to put my name on. I know it might take time to regain the same daily visitors I had but I feel more rejuvenated and inspired than ever.

Thank you to everybody who stayed loyal to the blog, through daily visits, your facebook messages and everybody who kept motivating me to re-blog.

I sincerely appreciate from the bottom of my heart!

I am officially back to blogging.


Stay blessed!


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