Thursday, 6 February 2014

Style Crush: Style Star

Hey Darlings!
Today's post is a bit different from the usual yet still on style route.
If you did not know who Lupita Lunyong'o,  based on these pictures soley, now you know. I started paying attention or hearing about her right when the 12 years a slave was being promoted and Since then I have fallen more and more in love with the style and fashion choices.
Her glam squad is everything! her make-up is always on simply can't fault her on absolutely anything.
I also love how she ain't even trying to conform to the so called "Hollywood" look. She's the living proof that you do not to bleach your skin or have long hair to be recognized or fit in. I get more excited for all these red carpet events now, just to see what she is wearing.
She SLAYS! She's my new STYLE- CRUSH....don't you just love her?
 Have a great day
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  1. I love Lupita. She's really this symbol of perfection and something I think we all can aspire to. I like that she doesn't wear lots of low-cut clothing or things made to show lovely lady lumps because so often that's what black women in Hollywood are reduced to. AND she's a naturalista! She is literally everything.

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  3. Lupita is uber fabulous, so beautiful and great sense of style!


  4. OMGGGG i am so in love with her! Following you now!


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