Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Feel Free kinda Day

Hello Darlings!
Look! I've got a new friend, she's too cute but very shy....lol. when growing up my grandpa rescued a cat and since then we had a whole lot of cats running around the yard, so meeting this cute thing just reminded me of home and my grandparents.
This past Sunday, I met up with my girls for what was initially a young drink at the reef hotel in jhb cbd, well the place is said to be  4star hotel but the service was just appalling, let alone the mojito drink with stale mint they served us. I was so disappointed! so I give them 1star for their service.
Then left for the Mike's kitchen in Parktown, if you ever in the city you have to check them out..their service is always amazing and they serve the best in town.
This was my feel free outfit for the day.

Stay Blessed!
With Love

 photo Capture_zps75c50ae0.jpg


  1. Nice post...nice pics


  2. Lovely photos!

  3. this look is killer babe! xoxo



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