Monday, 24 February 2014

DIY: Dior Double Pearl Earrings Tutorial

Hello Lovies!
First of all how stunning are these Dior earrings? something unexpected, not your ordinary stopper right? unfortunately they come at a very hefty price tag ( USD348 even more)
So in this case you come up with a plan to get something similar without breaking the pocket and that's where this simple diy came from. in less than 10mins you can have them ready. Tutorial below.
What You'll Need:
  1. Super Glue
  2. Big size pearl Bead
  3. Plastic Stoppers
  4. pearl earrings
-The bead hole should be big enough to fit a plastic stopper
-fill the whole surrounding with the glue before inserting the stopper inside the bead.
-let it dry before wearing it.

Viola! you have your double bead stopper !
Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.
An Amazing day to you all!
 photo Capture_zps75c50ae0.jpg


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    kisses from Miami,

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