Friday, 31 January 2014

Crop The Blue

 Hello Darlings!

I hope everybody is doing well. As part of growing my blog, I have also decided on featuring some DIY tutorial at least twice a month. They have become a huge part of my free time recently, so I thought I should share with y'all too.
In this post I'm wearing one of my diy crop tops, it was created from an old long sleeve top from Mr price, all I did was crop it then add the mesh material and viola!
What do you think of it?
While not blogging, I also have been learning more about photography and photo editing, I know i'm not perfect, maybe even good at that department but I am learning and hope to get better from one post to another.
I would also appreciate any tips on photo editing, should you have them.
My entire outfit is from Mr Price and a DIY Crop Top
Wishing you all an amazing weekend!


 photo Capture_zps75c50ae0.jpg


  1. Looking hot dear


  2. wish you could post everyday, i get so dissapointed each time i check your latest post and find nothing

    1. Shah I'm so sorry babe, will try and post as much as possible. At least 5times a week. Love you!

  3. looking gorgeous darling! xoxo


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