Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Studded Boyfriends Jeans|| Master Chef Venting note

Outfit Details: Shirt, Shoes and Boyfriend Jeans from MrP|| Edgards Belt and Neckpiece
Hey Darlings!
This Morning I tried sneaking in few pics of my OOTD before getting to work. I'm blessed to work where I can wear smart casual, wouldn't survive being dressed in office formal for every single day of the week. You can leave your thoughts and comments bellow.
Love Staxx

On the other side of things, who never misses the MASTER CHEF SA rigged reality show like I do?
Well I thought I must vent out all my frustrations with this show's current second season...the last 3 episodes to be precise, I am so annoyed at how the judges have literally showed how much they liked and favoured Kamini, they did not even try to front. lemme take u back 3 episodes ago, they sent Jason home when he had actually performed way better than Kamini and last week they sent Ozzy when he also performed well, ignoring the fact that kamini had elements missing on her she was saved twice from pressure tests that her performances should have sent her home.
Then yesterday they sent Seline home because she had not included one element in her dish, So how does this work? the rules changes just to favour Kamini? somebody pls explain this to me.
To me it looks like the judges have decided on who should win the show...I'm all for supporting fellow bloggers and yes I was rooting for Kamini since day 1 cos she had delivers really good looking dishes but I'm also all for FAIRNESS.
With all that I have lost interest on this show, i am not even watching the finale cos it's pretty clear the winner has been chosen. the show could have been called #TheRoadToKaminisCrowning.
That's just my 2cent.
forgive me for the venting but i guess i just had to release.
Have an amazing day everybody


  1. Amazing jeans!!

    Have a great week,
    Mary x

  2. haai!haai! girl that my friggen totes look is aleays on point imam steal your look stru!


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