Friday, 28 June 2013

#TrendReport: Its a WRAP (wrap skort)

Its been a while since that i haven't done the trend report posts, well the reason for that is the fact that i have been doing them but only for facebook, but then i missed doing them here too hence they recommence, lol.
I have been seeing a lot of this trend on the fashion community scenes, they range from wrap skirt, asymetrical wraps and wrap skorts (short& skirt combined).....i didn't pay much attention to it but i must say they have grown on me, can't wait for spring/summer so i can get one for myself and rock it.
Areyou feeling this trend?

PS: picture credit: google
Have a great weekend everybody..tons of love your way!

Xo: Nhlanhla


  1. Gorgeous skirt, babe.



  2. I'm not too crazy about the wrap skirt/skort anymore just because everyone and their mama seems to have one. But I am crazy about the way people have styled it.

  3. The wrap is going to suit with every style.I love it.Indochino


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