Tuesday, 7 May 2013

10 Winter Must Haves

Hey Ladies!

Winter is almost if not already here, so i thought i should compile a list of what i think any female SHOULD have for the season, or include on their winter shopping list.

1. A cute sweater, perfect to pair with jeans and a stunning pair of booties or even be worn with a pencil skirt.
2.Turban, its one classy hat ever! can be worn at any occasions.
3. A classic scarf that can go well with most of what you have in your closet.
4.A great oversized coat, that can easily be thrown over the shoulders to add that sophistication on your outfit while keeping warm.
5.High Thigh boots, Invest in a good pai that will last you for years to come.
6.A pair of good leather gloves, preferably in a neutral colour.
7.Leather pants! trendy & stylish, definitely must have
8. A good pair of comfortable shoes besides heels ( brogues/sneakers)
9. A perfect printed stockings, so you can still wear those skirts and shorts.
10.A neutral faux fur vest, perfect to add to any kind of outfit.

Thank you for visiting, hope you found the post useful and it helped your winter shopping.
Love: Nhlanhla


  1. I love the turban and I agree it is a must have. I dont know if I can pull off the high thigh boots. I definately want to wear gloves more; I have red learther gloves that I just cant seem to pair with anything *sigh*

    PS: Loving the new blog look.

    1. high thighs are so trick hey but easy to pull off at the same time. Red gloves are HOT love, with cream,white, navy,black or even a yellow outfit.

  2. great picks, I love the over the knee boots! xoxo


  3. these are a definite must-have......#gosh im inlove with the leather gloves.....

    Thanx doll.....

  4. Good post. Yes, These are must haves in winter. I like to wear winter tops, scarf, leather jackets in winter.


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