Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Tunic & Turban

Outfit Details: MrP Shades | Sass Diva Neck Piece | H&M Tote | Rage Shoes | New Look Tunic | Turban
 Hello my hunnies! I keep Going MIA on you, i know its not on and i tend to quit doing such. hope you all have been good and fashionably amazing!
How can i forget, i wore this tunic to have lunch with my boo by lifestyle (carlsworlds) and OMG the table next to me , had Bab' Benjamin Dube! like, i almost collapsed the way i LOVE that man. he's a real worshipper just like I love TD Jakes.
Thank you for loyally checking out this blog every single day, it means a lot to me.


Have a Blast and enjoy the holiday tomorrow (SA)


  1. Oh lord it's super hot I love it :-)

  2. the tunic is so beautiful. I also love your turban. xoxo


  3. love the shoes and sunglasses!



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