Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Tunic & Turban

Outfit Details: MrP Shades | Sass Diva Neck Piece | H&M Tote | Rage Shoes | New Look Tunic | Turban
 Hello my hunnies! I keep Going MIA on you, i know its not on and i tend to quit doing such. hope you all have been good and fashionably amazing!
How can i forget, i wore this tunic to have lunch with my boo by lifestyle (carlsworlds) and OMG the table next to me , had Bab' Benjamin Dube! like, i almost collapsed the way i LOVE that man. he's a real worshipper just like I love TD Jakes.
Thank you for loyally checking out this blog every single day, it means a lot to me.


Have a Blast and enjoy the holiday tomorrow (SA)

Monday, 22 April 2013

levi's 501 perfect fit

Outfit Details: Levi's jeans| C-L sweater | Meltz Blazer | thrifted bag & shirt  | MrP pointy pumps & head piece.
Hello dear Fashionistas!
with all the boyfriend jeans fever up, i felt they so fun to style plus they have that tomboy-ish feel to it, which make me love them even moreand rock them. They just too awesome, especially in this cold jhb weather...i am hooked! Are you a boyfriends jean fan?

Thank you for visiting and leaving all the lovely comments, i read them all and appreciate every single one of them
Love: Nhlanhla

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Camo & Burgundy

Outfit Details: Cotton on skirt | MrP Clutch and pointies | New look camo jacket
Hello Ladies! In this post i have worn every single item before besides the jacket and i always get so excited to repeat items in a different ways, it shows the versatility of each item.
Thank You for always passing by.


Love: Nhlanhla

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Beige & Black Block

Outfit Details: Mango Pants | Picadilly Coat | Vintage Bag | MrP Shoes | Edgars turtle neck.
Hello everybody!
For the past week i have been buried in books (assignments and test)and work plus i have been applying for internships like crazy (wish me luck). and that's the reason why i have gone all Mia on y'all.

The weather has been totally insanely cold for the past few days, i get it ,its almost winter but lets just say  I'm not ready yet to get my boots off the storage hence i even wore these sandals stilettos only because of my indenial lol.
Thank you for passing by and have an amazing week ahead!


Thank You for passing by, Stay Blessed!
Love: Nhlanhla

Friday, 5 April 2013

faux fur ready

Outfit Details: Edgars jeans (free 2b u collection) | MrP shirt | Brand Mania Bag | Plum Shoes | Gifted Sunnies | Mrp & Legit jewelry
 Faux Fur vest! You know the cold has started when you start seeing them around. I can't even remember where i got this one but i definitely know I'm going to be abusing it quiet a lot this season, with both animal and faux fur being the season's favourite.How's your week going so far? mine is running way too fast,i'm not sure why exactly but it needs to calm down lol.

Love: Nhlanhla


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Denim Shirt

Outfit Detail--Meltz Shirt | Legit Pants | MrP bag |Loafer C/O Zando (Utopia)
 Its a new day and a new post is up. Hello everyone! on monday (Easter Monday) my family and I went to zoo lake just to unwind and have a small picnic, i always love it there, so refreshing and calm.  What did you get up to during the easter weekend?



Thank you for passing by and wishing you an amazing day.
Love: Nhlanhla

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Dog & Chains

MrP Clutch and sweater---Meltz Skirt---Legit Shoes
Hello Autumn!!! its almost winter up in here and i'm so excited about this season, winter style excites me because of all the layering and fun of wearing sweaters so many different ways. here i have started already with my new obsession (sweaters) partnered with a straight cut skirt.

Wishing You all a fantastic and productive new Month.