Friday, 1 February 2013

#Trend Report: Check-Print

Checkmate!!!!!! We have yet another trend, thanks to the louis vuitton power house for this trend throwback. I suggest you better start stocking up on these check-prints for both summer/spring and Winter Autum season depending on which season it is in your country. Come March: Fashion week season, the runways will be filled with these classic trends, then don't say i didnt warn you lol.

I can actually say i am loving this trend, it seems stunning when done well. Especially the mini dress one or get it in a scarf or even a blazer. So whats your take on this trend? Winning or Nay?

Picture credits: internet (google)

Have a stunning weekend ahead!

Love: Nhlanhla


  1. I really love these dresses. Maybe I can find a look for less. xoxo

  2. I have mixed feelings about this trend, I love some of these dresses but I think some are just hideous!!

    Thanks for the repost babe,I had no idea this was a new trend!!

    1. Lol that's my aim to let ppl know about any trends gracing our fashion world.

  3. LOL, Cindy!

    I'm not sure I like the check-print dresses. I think it's more suitable in other forms. The tops are not bad. I also like the white and black combination; always classy.

    1. The short dress next to the B&W one is HOT on her body. I agree with you, a blazer or a scarf in these prints sounds like a gr8 idea.

  4. Great!!!

    Kiss of CoutureTrend

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