Thursday, 28 February 2013

Baby Royal

Legit Pants---Rage Shoes---Atmosphere---DIY Shoes
 You know those items you buy , keep in your closet for so long without wearing them? sometimes you even had forgetten about? this top is one of those. I bought this top last year around october and i just realised i have never worn it, so the day finally came for baby royal to be worn lol.


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Love: Nhlanhla

Monday, 25 February 2013

Black, spikes & Green

Legit Spiked ankle straps || Mango faux leather pants|| Factorie top|| Thrifted Bag || Factorie Blazer || DIY Neck piece.
Hello Girls! Oh the weather in here in JHB is just indecisive,one minute its COLD then its HOT all at once.  Now the best way is to dress in a way that accommodates both changes and this is what i wore today, very simple!
About 3weeks ago, i promised myself to keep my natural hair for about 3 months (no extensions) lol its not a month over and i already thinking about extensions simple cause there isn't much to do with the short hair i have besides tying it up to a pony. suggestions ladies?
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Pastels & A GIVEAWAY

Legit Shoes---MrP shades & skirt---top shop blouse---picadilly bag---new look blazer
Hello Girls! i've been a way for a bit longer recently and i really do apologize for that. This past friday my fam and I drove down to durban for a wedding and this is what i wore, so comfy yet chic.
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Happy New week my darlings and thank you so much for checking out my blog.

Hey Darlings, isn't online shopping just amazing? well www.zando makes it even more easier and convinient for you, They sent me vouchers last week and this is what i bought (above) and i thought i should share with you my honeys.

just comment on this blogpost with the number of item u'd like to win (e.g #1), like our facebook page and zando google+ or then i'll pick 3 lucky ladies to win.
closes 27th Feb so hurry and enter!
An amazing one to you and yours!
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Sunday, 10 February 2013

red animal

Meltz Blazer---Legit Shoes---Mr Price clutch---Picadilly skirt

Hello Girls! Its only few days before valentine and i have been wearing a lot of white and red (lips) yesterday i decided to go beyond just red lips but wear one of my favourite blazer too. Not that i celebrate valentine's day cos i believe you should spoil and love your partnerevery single day and every day should be a special day.
I worethis outfit to church, animal print always go well with red and i wanted to wear these shoes too cos i've had them in my closet for over 18 months  but i've only worn them once.




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Love: Nhlanhla

Monday, 4 February 2013

Off the shoulder: Neutral colours

Mango Pants---Meltz Blazer---Gifted Bag---Express Shirt---Legit Shoes---Shades from a local vendor

Isn't white just amazing? well i think it is, it just exudes that sense of class and timeless style, more so when partnered with neutral and toned colours. So in this outfit that's exactly what i wanted to incorporate, more about showing my style cause not every time its about fashion but expressing your own personal style. Hope you enjoy this post too and thank you for your continuous visits,they are appreciated!



Happy New WEEK and a productive one too, to everybody!

Love: Nhlanhla

Friday, 1 February 2013

#Trend Report: Check-Print

Checkmate!!!!!! We have yet another trend, thanks to the louis vuitton power house for this trend throwback. I suggest you better start stocking up on these check-prints for both summer/spring and Winter Autum season depending on which season it is in your country. Come March: Fashion week season, the runways will be filled with these classic trends, then don't say i didnt warn you lol.

I can actually say i am loving this trend, it seems stunning when done well. Especially the mini dress one or get it in a scarf or even a blazer. So whats your take on this trend? Winning or Nay?

Picture credits: internet (google)

Have a stunning weekend ahead!

Love: Nhlanhla