Tuesday, 22 January 2013

#Trend Report: Gladiator Sandals

We have another trend!! We all have seen this trend from a while back by the likes of Alexandra Wang, Chanel,Balenciaga  and many more huge fashion houses. Now they are back with a modern revamp for the Spring/Summer 2013 and  I have been seeing a lot of them  lately, on the runways ,as well as on the most stylish, trend setter celebrities, such as Riri and Kourt-K.
 I seriously not sure what to think of this trend, it really is catchy , statement on its own yet verry OTT. What do you think of the trend? would you be rocking them? Whats your take on this trend? more pictures below.....

These Alexandra Wang Rihanna wore looked amazing on her, i guess even plastic bags will look on her.

Kourt's ones dont look bad at all,she indeed rocked them.

Karolina Kurkova & Joan Smalls in Alexandra wang Gladiator sandals and they both rocked them well, they just stuning hey, having second thoughts about them lol
Is this TREND a yay or nay?
Thank you for passing by, have an amazing day day!


  1. I love gladiators, especially the Alexander Wang ones. XOXO


  2. I actually wouldn't mind wear these type of sandals. The only one that seem cute to me, was the pair Kourtnie had on. I like the color of it...too cute!

    The trend can be 'yay'...depending on how it's styled. It also has to fit one's personal style.

    Happy Monday! :)

  3. I like gladiators but not when they are long short sandals will do,so for me its a nay!but the one Kourtnie is wearing are nice .


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