Thursday, 29 November 2012

Oh so Sunny!

colar , blouse €€€, bag from Mr Price // Legit Shoes // Edgars Leggings + glasses.

Hello my darlings! I couldn't find my laptop charger today and i'm blogging via my phone,  omg its soo horrible to say the least so pls do forgive me for any errors. Anyway in this post is the  outfit i wore weeks ago to one of my friends 21st Birthday party .. had a  great time and thanks to my friend Thabi, Love her always.

Have  a great day my  darlings and thank you for checking out my blog.

Love: Nhlanhla

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Leather & Peplum

Mr Price Peplum top & belt || Legit faux leather skirt & Shoes || Sass Diva Choker || Bag mania bag.

Hello darlings! I recently found this amazing restaurant that has become my new spot, its in the 'grand central airport' they serve amazing seafood. last night my boo & I went  there as part of our 'tuesday date nights' and this is what i wore. If you live around Midrand i suggest you go there, you won't regret.

 Thank You for continuously checking out my blog, it means a lot.

Have a wonderful day!

Love: Nhlanhla

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Military Instincts

 Legit Jeans  ||  Rage Shoes  ||  Mr Price Clutch  ||  Edgar's Coat.

Hello everyone! Its been a while hey , been swamped with loads of things but now I'm back for good lol. In this post I'm wearing a coat i had in my klozet ,i think for over a year now....after seeing the military trend making its way back i decided I'm not going to buy anything new but will look in my klozet to see if there's anything close to it and hell yeah i found this coat. and i wore this outfit to the medical centre over the weekend, haven't been feeling well but I'm all fine now.

Thank you for passing by.Have a wonderful Day!!!!

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Love: Nhlanhla

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Stripes and pop

Mr Price shoes|| Mr Price Clutch & Belt || Legit Jewelry|| Thrifted skirt|| gifted blouse

Hello my darlings! finally done with exams and hopefully the summer can begin already, winter doesn't wanna leave arggg! .......but I'm sure besides the weather everyone is doing well, right? lol enjoy the pics........

Thank you for always checking out my blog, if you have a blog of your own please leave a link and i definitely visit.
Have a wonderful day!!!
Love: Nhlanhla

Friday, 9 November 2012

Trend Report: Wedge Sneakers

Wedge Sneaker trend  is one of the 2012 many fashion trends. Come to think of it, this year theres been so MANY fashion trends as compared to the other years. Wedge Sneakers has to be one of them, its soo Huge!!! First it was the high-end brands (e.g Guiseppe Zanotti ,Isabel Marant,Christan Louboutins etc) but now you can find their replica from most of the most affordable retailers , like Zara, Bulhafi (SA) etc.

Nicole Schezinger

Isabel Marant Sneakers

Alicia Keys

Yes they sneakers but not your normal sneakers, they girl girly! so even if your not a sneaker girl like me , you can still rock them because of the wedge.

Ciara in Guiseppe Zanotti  Sneakers

Wedge sneakers in SA you can find them in any of the Bulhafi Shoes stores

What do you think of the trend? are you rocking it or will be?  Personally i doubt, cos i'm simple no sneaker woman.........but hey! who know?lol

Thank You for checking out my blog!

Love: Nhlanhla

Monday, 5 November 2012

Wide leg fever!

Wollies wide leg pants|| Brand Mania bag||Legit Shoes|| Thrifted Blouse.

I think I'm obsessed with white, black and gold........oh well! guess we all have our favourite colours, those colours that defines you and your personality. for sometime i wasn't sure if i was going to go for the wide leg pants trend, but i must say I'm loving it, its sophisticated and classy. going to be wearing them more now.

 Have a great dat everyone. Thank you for always coming back!


Saturday, 3 November 2012

Black & white

Mr Price Leggings & Pumps || Picadilly Bag ||  H&M jacket || Legit Blouse.

Hey hunnies!  As i draft this blog post, i'm in the middle of my studying. Thank you for checking out my blog.
Have a wonderful weekend darlings!

Love: Nhlanhla ( @iam_nhlanhla )

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Trend Report: Oxblood/Burgundy colour

 Hello my fashion darlings! As a fashion dedicated individual, im always on the lookout for the latest trends: whats HOT and whats seems burgundy/oxblood colour is one of the latest trend of 2012's many fashion trends. Few fashionable faces has been spotted rocking the trend.
 what do you think of the trend?

burgundy sweater-Mr Price|| Mr Price shorts|| H&M Satchel bag|| Legit shoes.

Lol i've also been caught by the trend bug, im loving the colour. Its nothing like the ordinary trendy colour we have seen before..oh and im loving sweaters recently, theres just something about them.

Do you follow trends? are you going to be rocking this colour?

 Have a great day everyone!, thank you for stopping by.

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