Thursday, 23 August 2012

Pleated & Cut Outs.

Outfit Details
Blouse -Vintage buy from a local shop
Pleated Skirt - Mr Price
Bag - Bag Mania
Shoes - Speed Limit 98
Bangles - Flea Market
Neck Piece - Mr Price

I recently added this blouse to my closet and couldn't  wait to wear it, yesterday finally it came out to play. wanted to tone it down with the dark colours (black). Goodbye winter, Welcome Spring! been waiting for this season way too long.......oh and theres only 13days left before my weekend away vacation with friends , EXCITEMENT trending in my heart lol.

Happy Thirsty Thursday errybody!

Love: Nhlanhla

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Trend Report:2012 Spring shoes

With Spring around the corner , new trends are expected and here are some of the shoes u'll be seeing a lot throughout the season (Pointy toe, toe cap, spiked). Do yourself a favour and get some of these trendy shoes.

 For those who aren't high heel fans also have these trendy pointy shoes in flats and brogues

the ever stylish & Trendy Bonang has also been spotted rocking the trend.

these gorgeous flats are soo stylish for that smart casual look,.

 My Favourite!!! Legit also have them  ladies for a very low price, so does Zara.

my other favourite! also seen them @ legit fo only R149,99

Jet Clothing also have them for R 109.99 if not R119.9 ,they gorgeous! love the snake skin at the back.

cap toe are also one of the biggest trend for spring

need i say more? these brogues are the ones hey?!?! Beauti!

What do you think of these shoes? are you gonna be rocking any of these trends?
which one is your favourite ? i know for sure i'll be on all of them, already bought a few, just waiting to launch them lol.

Happy Tuesday errybody!!

Saturday, 18 August 2012

White with Denim

Outfit Details
Blazer - New Look
Denim shirt - Top Shop
jeans/pointy flats - Legit
Accessories - Mr Price & Legit
Bag - Mr Price

I wore a ton of accessories especially around my wrist.....thats what spring is going to be about!! also loved the pop of neon on the bag and a pastel belt...trendy outfit this is lol.

My other obsession : Pointy shoes (both flats and heels)

Spreading love all over the blog via the ring i got @ Legit

 I used a brouche as a neck piece.

Happy Weekend everybody! For once after 5 weeks in a row this weekend i'm not working just going to stay at home and study.

Keep it clean & Classy!!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Checked for Gloomy

Outfit #1 Details
jacket - H&M
Leggings - Mr Price
Boots - Picadilly
Shirt - (forgot)
neck piece - Gift from a friend

Outfit #2 Details
Shorts/Bag/faux fur vest -Mr price
Boots - Speed Limit 98
neck piece/top - legit
opaque socks- pnp
 lol i wonder why i always randomly close my eyes when taking pics.

Hello my honnies!!! its been a while, i'm sooo buried in books. got spring tests coming up ,my 1st test is on friday and its Taxation. Good luck to all the varsity students writing as well.
i wore the checked shirt outfit yesterday at varsity and the all black outfit was worn over the weekend, had to go do some promotions for Jimmi Jagger wine new fav drink now,lol Thanks Zinhle.
Mega Mega LOVE. till next time!*blows kisses*

Love: Nhlanhla

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Shades of purple

Outfit Details
Vest - Mr Price
Bag & Accessories - Mr Price
Skirt - Mr Price ( also worn Here )
shoes and neck chain- Legit

My girls Siya and Dudu

Yesterday i wore this outfit to campus, verysimple yet chic...after all the lectures for the day my friends and i went to have lunch at the nearest mall. totally had an awesome day, hope yall had an amazing one too.
ooh!and good news ladies, mr price has now got an online shop Mr Price , you can now shop online, no need to go to the shops and even if the branch next to you doesn't have that specific clothing item, they'll find it for you and send it to your residential address or your nearest branch. great news indeed.soo excited!

Happy Thursday errybody
Love: Nhlanhla