Thursday, 14 June 2012

Young & Free

 Outfit Details
Shorts- Mr Price
Shirt - Fashion Buyers Closet
Coat- (belonged to mommy, now its mine lol. its very old)
Bag - Vintage shop (in jhb)
Opaque Stockings- Pick 'n Pay Clothing

 Opaque stockings are a must have for winter , thats a general info but what makes me love them even more, they make ur legs look longer than they actually are, lol aint that cool?

 One thing i LOVE about winter is that u can wear tons of clothing items underneath to keep warm then wear whatever u want on top to look amazing and i'm definitely doing that.

 the neck piece here is actually a brochure i got long ago. its hard finding a neck piece for shirts like this one, so decided to try the brochure, thank God it work (smiley face)

 Happy Thursday Darlings!

Don't forget to keep warm, its cold outche. Even if it means wear 3 pair of amagusha at once, DO IT lol but don't end up looking like a walking closet *winks*

Love: Nhlanhla

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